Wide Format – Sign & Display

Johnsons wide format print unit boasts some of the most advanced printing facilities dedicated to sign and display manufacturing.  Our wide format printing presses offer an exceptional print quality which is why some of the largest brands in the UK frequently return to us.

High Quality Large Format Printing

Our flatbed and roll-to-roll presses replicate the high quality print that Johnsons is renowned for.  We’re capable of printing to a wide range of materials and substrates up to 50mm in depth.  Put this together with our comprehensive print finishing capabilities,  we have a complete wide format print solution specialising in the following:

Together with the exceptional printing quality, we also have the experience and expertise to guide you through production and installation.

Colour Matching & Photographic Quality

We have invested in one of the first AGFA Anapurna wide format printers with start-to-finish workflow in the UK. Thus giving us the ability to print, cut and finish to the highest standard in a single, efficient process.

We are able to produce large format images of photographic quality on a commercial scale and which are superior to those from most other printers currently available. This means that we are able to exactly match your brand colour, something that was not achievable on a commercial basis until recently. All you need to do is tell us the pantone, CMYK split or send us a sample and we will match your colour.

We’re Here To Help

Finally, you can always contact us to discuss wide format production.  We’re here to offer our experience with all aspects of your project on 01270 625207.  Please see our complete Large Format Product Catalogue for all our large format products.

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