How Long Does Printed Hoarding Last?

Printed Hoarding – How long will it last?

Printed hoarding board is produced by Johnsons for construction site perimeters and areas for site branding. The aluminium composite panels are extremely durable and perfect for cladding existing hoarding board perimeters. But how long does it last?

We use high quality hoarding board to print to. This is because we know that it receives our high quality print output extremely well, and also that the manufacturers of the board give a 5 year life to the board.

Can it last longer than 5 years?

Yes. We know that in most cases, that the board will last longer than 5 years, though the position of the hoarding and the kind of weathering it will receive can shorten the life of the print on the boards.

Will Anti-Graffiti Laminate Prolong the Life of the Hoarding?

We apply Anti-Graffiti laminate to all of our hoarding boards unless specifically requested not to by our clients. Laminate of any kind will not only protect the board but also, more importantly, the print applied to the aluminium composite panel. Anti-Graffiti laminate also does this and enables graffiti to be removed if the hoarding is defaced.