Premium Business Card Printing

Why Use Us For Business Card Printing?

Johnsons produce high quality business cards, offering accuracy in colour matching, heavier and thicker boards, as well as a whole host of stunning finishing options.  Our business cards will reflect your business in a professional way and be distinctive from online alternatives.

How Thick Can The Board Be?

We can print onto boards up to 800 microns which will give a very rigid and quality feel to your card.  We can also bond two different substrates together to give a thicker board, using coloured boards to match or enhance brand, will offer a business card that will stand out from the crowd.

What Kind of Finishes can we use on Business Cards?

There are a number of different finishes we can offer to give your business card an additional premium look.

  • Short runs of cards can be printed cost effectively
  • Printing on thicker boards
  • Block Foil Metallic finishes
  • Embossing or de-embossing
  • Colour Matching using inline software
  • Highest quality and bespoke finishing
  • Radius corners or cut to any shape
  • Spot UV

If you are looking to design a business card from scratch, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We can send specific samples, suggest ideas and offer advice to the best way to produce the best card for you.