At Johnsons, we want your print to be as good as possible and accurate colour printing is paramount to us.  We aim for the best and most accurate colours, consistency and an overall quality feel. To achieve this, we have invested in the latest technology, processes and also in our staff.

Our plates are made on a ‘green’ chemistry free laser plate maker, with hi-resolution stochastic screening (random dot placement as opposed to traditional rosettes).   In addition, our proofs are scanned for colour accuracy (spectrophotometry) and comply to the Internationally recognised Fogra39 standard.

In addition, we aim to print to an accuracy standard three times more critical than the usually accepted ISO12647.

Furthermore, we offer a service that is second to none.  We know how important it is to make sure your print run is exemplary.  Call us to discuss how we can make sure our print quality will achieve and exceed your expectations.

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