Can You Add Anti-Graffiti Laminate to printed hoarding?

Yes, aluminium composite boards lend themselves to ideally suit application of anti-graffiti lamination. Most of the printed hoarding and signage projects and we work on, include anti-graffiti laminate.

Anti graffiti laminate is added to the hoarding boards after printing. Apart from protecting the ink on the hoarding it also adds a premium gloss finish to the hoarding. Adding to the aesthetic of the hoarding boards as well as prolonging their life.

How Does Anti-Graffiti Laminate Work?

Anti-graffiti laminate won’t stop vandals from defacing your hoarding. However, the coating on the gloss laminate film protects your printed image and allows mild detergents to be used to clean off the graffiti.

If printed hoarding doesn’t have this laminate protection, cleaning is more difficult to administer without breaking down the ink. This may cause fading or even smudging of the ink depending on how aggressive the cleaning solution is. Anti-graffiti laminate will allow most cleaning solutions to be administered without breaking down and therefore without compromising the printed image on your hoarding panels.

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