Designing Printed Hoarding Boards

If you’re designing printed hoarding boards we can help. We print and install hoarding across the UK and our studio can help with the design of hoarding boards. We can also support designers embarking on a hoarding projects. Our free site survey is an integral part of a successful hoarding design project.

creating InDesign files for print

Construction site hoarding is rarely flat, and for that reason, part of our site survey includes a schematic diagram (usually in Adobe Illustrator) to scale of the hoarding runs.

Creating a scaled schematic diagram allows us to see how much the hoarding drops or rises and gives designers a good idea of how their graphics can be applied to the hoarding.

Changes of direction and obstructions in front of the hoarding can be recorded. This ensures that crucial text and images are not obscured when the hoarding is installed.

Simplifies Production and Installation

Though this can take time for us to produce, it will save a huge amount of time in production and particularly in the installation of the hoarding. It also allows the designer to present a good representation of how the hoarding graphics will look once installed.

How do I present hoarding artwork?

Generally we use PDF to print each panel from. And you will be able to create canvases from the schematic diagram we create. We will then divide this up into the individual 8ft x 4ft or 10ft x 5ft hoarding panels for production. Each panel is labelled in the order of installation.

If you have already designed your hoarding graphics before you receive a schematic diagram, we can always adjust this to fit at a later date.

We would need to print at around 100dpi so its important to bear in mind that the diagram may be at a reduced scale of 10%.

Help at Hand for Design and Designers

matching paint and printed products

Our investment in workflow software means we can match colours exactly from our litho presses, digital presses and our wide format presses. This means brochure colours can match hoarding colours.

We’re always available to discuss your project in more detail. Design for hoarding only becomes difficult when design, production and installation aren’t synchronized, our project manager will ensure that this is not the case. If you’re designing printed hoarding boards, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.