What Is Hoarding Board

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What exactly are hoarding panels and why are they the best substrate for your hoarding project?

Most hoarding board is made from an Aluminium composite which is strong, lightweight and durable. We use aluminium composites such as Dibond and Alu-Panel.

Advantages Of Dibond Hoarding Panel

  • Strong and rigid
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to handle – less stress on existing hoarding
  • UV resistant and can be used outdoors
  • Can be laminated with anti-graffiti laminate film
  • Easy to cut to shape where required

The panel sizes are 8ft x 4ft and a larger size of 10ft x 5ft. Although any size and shape can be cut from these sizes.

Can you use any other substrates on hoarding?

Whilst the short answer to this question is Yes, these are rare exceptions. We have used heavy weight banner material on existing timber hoarding in the past, but we feel that after a short time it will deteriorate and will not represent your project well over the long term. However, you may have a short term project where this might be appropriate.

We have also seen Foamex used on hoarding projects, and whilst there might be a small saving to be made, the long term look of your hoarding is compromised.

How does hoarding board last?

See our page on the length of time you can expect your hoarding to last.

Hoarding boards for Heras Fencing?

Heras Fencing is often used on the perimetres of sites and is not suitable for use with aluminium composite panels. We use mesh substrates such as the one below to create graphics for Heras or temporary fencing. See our article on Heras Fencing Covers here.

Take a look at some of our past Hoarding projects undertaken with design agencies and home builders to create communication and branding awareness around construction sites.