Frosted window manifestations and printed window vinyl for privacy and building regulation compliance.

decorative frosted windows
Frosted Window Manifestations

Frosted window films can be cut to any shape and printed to create stunning visual effects on your windows.  They can be designed to create a complete or partial privacy to offices and rooms.  Giving privacy, branding opportunities and additional decorative effects, whilst allowing light through the frosted film.

Frosted window film for privacy. With cut branding.

Frosted window manifestations can also add an etched effect and is now used more commonly in architects specifications.

Ideas for Frosted Window Manifestations

printed frosted window vinyl

We have many examples of how we’ve used frosted window films to enhance office spaces. From using logo’s cut out of frosted film to over printing and even using a poem.  Whilst plotting the frosted window film is the most popular, the printed film can create some stunning effects, especially when the graphic is backlit.  Take a look at the Printed Frosted Window Film examples we have previously printed and installed at NHS-MacMillan premises.

Installation of Frosted Window Graphics

Johnsons offer a full site survey and installation service across the UK. We look after your project from design to fitting to make sure that they enhance your décor and meet legal obligations.  Our professional service allows us to install small and large graphic applications cost effectively and safely.

Building Regulations

building reg window dots

Large floor to ceiling windows require frosted window manifestations set at two heights.  These don’t have to be dots or squares, and offer a great opportunity to be creative with your window graphics.

See our page on Building Regulation Window Vinyl’s for more information

Designing Frosted Window Manifestations

Whether you’re a business that needs help with design or a designer who requires pre-press support, we have the expertise to help.  Our pre-press studio can help with advice, design and pre-press checks before anything goes into production.

Risk Assessment

We provide a free site survey to give a full risk assessment before any installation.  Please contact or Jamie Brelsford directly for more details