Our House Builder flags and flag installation services offer great quality and an efficient installation.  Most commonly used by our clients alongside new-build sites, and our full service includes hoarding, signage and monoliths.

roman style flagsHouse Builder Flags and Marketing Suite Graphics

The House Builder flags and flagpoles are the most popular product.  They are 6 metres tall to the top of the finial, and include a 2 metre long x 900mm wide flag.  This portrait flag drapes permanently from a rotating arm ensuring a permanently expanded graphic even when there is little or no breeze.

The flags are weighted from the base and attached to the flagpole by a weighting ring and mast bands.  This ensures the flag drapes permanently to enhance the graphics, logo’s or text.  The knitted polyester flags are single sided and have a 95% show through, giving a graphic on both sides of the flag.

marketing suite flagsWe install the house builder flags with a rotating arm. This means that the flags will turn into the direction of wind direction to reduce the stress on the flag and flagpole and thus increase the life of the flag.  Flags can be easily replaced in the future by removing the flagpole from the sleeve which is fixed permanently into the ground.

Double sided flags

Many clients go for double sided flags which include a light-block liner to prevent graphics merging together from both sides.  However, the flags look fantastic as a single sided flag where the lightweight fabric drapes well and lasts that little bit longer.

Marketing Suite & Construction Site Printed Graphics

We supply a full range of print for marketing suites.   We specialise in printing marketing materials for new build construction sites.  Print and manufacture of signage, monoliths, hoarding and house builder flags as well as fully managed installation, RAMS and relevant health and safety certification.  As well as bespoke wallpaper, brochures, posters and a whole range of print to the highest quality.  We have litho, digital and wide format printing presses across our two sites in Cheshire.

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