We were asked by Fluid design agency to produce premium hoarding for their client in Kent. As well as the usual printed hoarding boards, this also included cut acrylic letters and logo’s, tray signs and solar powered spotlights to highlight the branding.

printed hoarding landscape view

Cut Acrylic Lettering & Logo’s

3d Logo sign

The cut acrylic letters and logo’s were produced on our flatbed cutting facility in Cheshire. The depths of the acrylic used was 19mm, 10mm and 5mm. Whilst the 5mm letters were adhered direct to the hoarding boards, the larger 10mm and 19mm acrylic letters were adhered using locators, projecting them some 20mm away form the hoarding board surface. This gave the hoarding a premium look.

Tray signs on hoarding boards

Solar Powered Lighting used on Hoarding

To add to this premium hoarding, we used solar powered spotlights. These were positioned on the acrylic text and logo at regular intervals across the length of the hoarding. As the acrylics were fixed with locators, the lighting during the evening accentuated the depth between hoarding boards. The solar panels had to be positioned in a direction to maximise exposure to the sun.

lighting up hoarding boards

Printed Hoarding Boards

The hoarding boards between the logo boards were traditionally printed using our AGFA workflow and flatbed printing presses. The site survey identified areas where the hoarding boards

In some areas the cut acrylic letters were added to tray signs. The tray signs were made from 3mm folded ACM with a return of 50mm. This not only increased the premium look of the hoarding but also meant that these could be repositioned and re-used in the future.

  • 3mm ACM Hoarding boards
  • Solar Powered spotlights
  • Cut Acrylic letters and Logo
  • Printed Hoarding Panels
  • Site Survey included Risk Assessment and Method Statements