Johnsons are now into their second HP Indigo press having initially entered the digital print arena in 2009.  Being renowned for high standards within commercial print, it was essential the digital print option matched quality, immediately ruling out the powdered toner machines.

But ultimately it was our customers who had the biggest say in which press we chose.  We’re now using the 4th generation of Indigo 7000 series and such is the quality, our customers rarely stipulate whether we should be printing digital or litho.  That choice usually being made by economics.

So why do Creatives insist on HP Indigo?

Digital Print UKThe Indigo has quite a few tricks up its sleeve that toner based machines cannot achieve.  But essentially its the fact that the Indigo represents the best comparison to litho printing quality that makes it the first choice for design agencies.

Those qualities include the reproduction of accurate and consistent colours.  The integrated spectrophotometer offers automatic ICC profiling giving a tailored colour profile for each paper stock it prints on.  And the paper stocks available are wide and varied, with most paper mills offering HP Indigo specified choices.

Consistent Colour Reproduction

The consistency also comes from the inline Spectrophotometer and the liquid ink technology used by the Indigo. Being able to produce consistent colour matches, no matter when, where or what its printed on, is a major factor. The ability to reproduce the same accurate colour time after time, was an obvious advantage to our customers, and the Indigo delivers this for our customers.

The press also offers a host of “special” effects, ink colours and tactile print. Put this together with the usual digital printing advantages of short-run and variable data, you can understand why our customers chose this press.

Advantages of the Indigo Press include:

  • Inline, controlled colour management
  • Perfect registration
  • Higher colour consistency over time
  • ICC profiling – Media specific
  • White Ink Printing
  • Invisible red ink (visible under UV light)
  • Fluorescent Inks
  • Textured/tactile print
  • Spot Matte/Gloss varnish effect

For examples of the kind of work the Indigo can produce, please get in touch on 01270 625207 or leave a message below.  We can send samples or print examples of your work for comparison.