Colour & Quality With HP Indigo Press

The ‘wet’ ink technology used by the HP Indigo digital press in combination with our colour management software allows us to match colours and quality close to litho standards.  For this reason, many professional print buyers will specify that jobs are specifically produced on an Indigo press.

Guaranteed Colour Consistency with Indigo Printing

The HP Indigo uses an inline spectrophotometer that constantly calibrates to achieve consistent colour output.  Unlike the toner based digital machines, the Indigo will achieve colour matching throughout a print run and from job to job.  This colour accuracy also matches the litho quality which is unachievable by non-print-production digital machines.

The Indigo also allows us to print on to synthetics, canvas and lenticular materials with the same high quality output.  See how the Indigo produces superior digital print with amazing results for yourself.  Get in touch and we’ll send you samples of some of the work this impressive press has produced for us.

Also, take a look at the variable data printing capabilities this press offers

So..if you’ve got a difficult colour that you are struggling to match then get in touch – we love a challenge.


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