Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre Re-opens its Doors to the Public

We were delighted to be able to print these social distancing banners for Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre in Cheshire. The Shire Horse Centre re-opened their doors to the public on Monday, offering the perfect family day out whilst many attractions remain closed.

A mature shire horse is approximately 2 metres in length

With the length of a shire horse being approximately 2 metres, it made the perfect social distancing banner graphic! The centre has plenty of room to wander around the grounds, so Janet and Alastair’s team have been able to make it a safe family day out in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

With a mention in the houses of parliament last week, The Shire Horse Centre was given a real boost when it was finally allowed to open the doors to the public. We wish them well.

Printed Signs

Johnsons also designed and printed a new sign at the entrance to the centre. The sign was illustrated to show the map of the extensive grounds in Cotebrook and the many fantastic activities available for visitors. Take a look on their site for more details. The sign shows the nature trail, Otters, Polecats, Red Foxes and Scottish Wildcat.

Adopt An Animal

Johnsons also printed the latest collateral for the “Adopt an Animal” scheme. The perfect gift and more than ever, an essential part of fund raising which allows the centre to look after some 23 shire horses and 7 foals as well as the many other animals you’ll come across when you walk around the grounds!