When we were asked to design wooden monolith signs, our joiners designed three stunning timber signs. The signage needed to be sympathetic to the surroundings, reflect the local environment and offer a practical signage solution.

Wooden Totem/Monolith signs

Timber totem signWe designed the wooden monolith and all the wooden signs into kit form.  This is so the signage could be put together on site in minimal time, and with relative ease.

This wooden signage also included overhanging tray signs cut into the timber, together with laser cut acrylic lettering. (Some of the strokes on the text were cut as fine as 2mm). And some of the text needed to be applied direct to the timber fascia.

wood for timber totem sign

The wooden monoliths in kit form

Which Wood is Used on the Monolith?

Our client requested an Oak finish on the signs. We were able to create a similar colour and grain to Oak, from Idigbo.  This timber is very stable and is hard enough to take fixings extremely well.  Although the Idigbo doesn’t necessarily need to be treated, it does add to its durability and stability if a coating is added.  Call us to discuss which treatment is best for your wooden signage.

Double sided wooden monolith signs

Although the monolith signs were double sided, we also crafted a single sided version of the signs which could be attached to railings.  Because this was a single sided wooden sign, the fixtures were finished on the back to a high standard, and painted to match the railings.wooden signs

All the signs were finished with a timber capping to add further protection to the sign.  Each sign being finished to the highest standards.  The finishing includes Oak pellets to hide any fixing heads as well as apexed caps to enhance drainage.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding any wooden signage, no matter how big or small the project.

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wooden signagewooden oak signs
monolith signtray signtext on wooden signtimber totem sign