To give your business cards or literature that special touch and to create a high value look and feel, ask us about Spot UV. Spot UV is a high gloss finish that is only applied to certain areas of the card, and is a great way to define text or accentuate a pattern. This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, but it also provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface.

Spot UV or ElectroInk Matte Effect?

UV coating is best applied to heavier weight papers and cards such as business cards and brochure covers rather than thinner paper stocks. And it can be applied to the whole page, or just to certain areas.  However we can create a glossy effect by using ElectroInk Digital Matte on our HP Indigo press which can be applied to thinner paper stocks.  This offers a subtle finish which has advantages in design and is often used in security printing (as in the “Aga” image above).  This printed effect works when printing your graphics onto a glossy paper stock then it masks the non-glossy areas to allow your chosen areas to be highlighted in the gloss from the glossy substrate.

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