If you’re looking for metallic printing such as silver and gold, then we have all options covered. We have solutions if you’re looking at printing metallics for stationery, invitations or menu’s.  And also options for wide format printing such as bespoke wall papers and signage.

A Huge Range Of Metallic Colours

We have a number of ways we can offer metallic printing or foil metallic finishes. Each method can be tailored to suit the design that is required.

  1. Metallic Printing: We can print long or short runs of metallic silver or gold inks on our Litho or Digital presses.
  2. Foil Blocking: Your product means we can add a metallic film from a myriad of different metallic colours.
  3. Laminate Foiling: This means we can add foil patterns and colours using heat and pressure application, giving us fantastic results.  (Great results when over-printed, ask for details or samples).


There are an amazing range of foil finishes we can offer.  From the popular silver and gold to fluorescent and patterned finishes, the choice is wide and varied.

We can also offer metallic finishes to wall coverings and signs as well as business cards and stationery.

If you need more information, or you would like to see samples, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be delighted to show you how we can help with our metallic inks and finishes.