John is a specialist in high quality print with Indigo Digital, AGFA large format and Heidelberg Litho. When he’s not printing he’s either with his family or in search of the wilder places in Britain (particularly NW Scotland) and Europe to photograph the dramatic landscapes that can be found there.

“Running Johnsons is a pleasure. Heading up Nantwich’s oldest continually trading company (since 1827) and keeping it up to date and relevant whilst still maintaining it’s traditional values can be challenging, but is worthwhile. Our customers, which include many well known brands stay with us. It never ceases to surprise new customers what we can do at either of our sites in Crewe and Nantwich.  I started working part time when I was 14, working in the finishing department, then trained as a typesetter and then trained in PhotoShop and Apple Mac in 1989!”

John had a period of time running production at Johnsons from 1993 and by 1998 and was running the company.  In 2006 John bought a 100% stake in the Company and Johnsons has gone from strength to strength.
Always maintaining a close interest in the technical and production side of the company, John is probably at his best when helping customers sort complicated print issues.

Over the last 20 years, what started out as a photography hobby has become a second profession and he now works with professional photographers and customers on photographic projects.
If he’s nowhere to be found he’s probably off with his camera!