Bespoke Wrapping Paper

This high quality, personalised wrapping paper is printed on our Canon Colarado press. A printing press with technologies specifically designed for the affordable production of fine quality bespoke Wallpapers and Wrapping Paper.

Is Bespoke Wrapping Affordable?

Our personalised wrapping paper is printed and cut in sheet form or can be applied to a roll core in lengths of your choice. Each of our digital presses make the production of personalised product affordable, and wrapping paper cost is no different, where the quantity ordered will make a big difference to cost, particularly when design or studio time is accounted for. Give the team a call to discuss your design, we can help you create, or advise you with the perfect wrapping paper design and the relevant cost.

Cost will depend on the size of the sheet or the length of roll required. And this in turn, is very often dependent on whether the wrapping is for a particular project, or you are a designer planning to sell retail.

sprout wrapping paper

Designing A Bespoke Wrapping Paper

Whilst it is possible to create a one image wrapping paper, more often it is a repeat pattern that will work most successfully.

When you have decided on your repeat size, say 200mm, it is important to ensure that the design meets successfully on all four sides. Any slight miscalculation will result in the design having an unsightly step or line across the wrapping paper. This can easily be avoided in the design stage by copying the design and adding to each of the four edges. By doing this you will also see how your design will flow across the paper, and here slight tweaks to positioning can be made.

Our design team will be here to help with any design questions, and if you need us to create the design we can do that for you. We’re here to help in any way we can.

Photographer or Artist?

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We Can Personalise (almost) Anything!

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