FAQ’s Contra Vision – One Way Vision Window Film

Your Questions Answered

We get many questions regarding the suitability and fitting of Contra Vision, so we asked our Sign & Display manager, Jamie Brelsford, to answer a few of the frequently asked questions we get on One Way Vision window film…

Can it be applied to the inside of windows?

“Yes. Contra Vision produce a clear window film which allows us to print your images and text in reverse so it can be seen correctly on the other side of the glass.  We then back this colour print up with white ink to give the graphic good opacity.  We then back this up further by printing black to attain the full one way vision performance.”

contra visionWe usually apply clear Contra Vision when windows are inaccessible or are not possible to reach from the outside.  Whilst graphic opacity is better, it can sometimes be a very cost effective way of applying the film, particularly when access equipment is required in a busy environment.  This example at Astra Zeneca shows how Clear Contra Vision allowed us to apply the graphic from the inside, saving the disruption to the workplace and reducing costs.”

Is Contra Vision easy to apply yourself?

“Yes, it’s relatively easy to apply small areas of window film yourself, such as A2/A1 poster sizes.  However, we recommend larger areas may require our fitters to survey and install.  We can usually advise in the first instance from photographs if you have any concerns.  And you can always contact me jamieb@jprint.co.uk if you would like to discuss this in more detail.”

How Does One Way Window Film Work?

“One way vision film works by using perforations within the substrate.  The back of the film is black, obscuring the graphic, and therefore the eye will see through the holes.”  You can see a good example here on Contra Visions webpage explaining how their window film works, together with a video.

Are There Different Kinds of One Way Vision Window Film?

“Yes, though most suppliers will only offer a 40% version which may not be the best solution for your windows.  It’s actually only Contra Vision (the inventors of the stuff) who offer a full range of films to suit every project.  It’s one of the main reasons we changed to Contra Vision enabling us to offer one way window graphics which are suitable for every situation.  These might include night time or backlit solutions, higher density graphics or short term graphic applications.”

Does the Window Film come off easily when the time comes to remove them?

“This is something I’m asked a lot and another reason we moved over to Contra Vision.  The cheaper versions of one way window film are a nightmare to remove, particularly when they’ve become completely permanent after a short time. It tends to come off in shards and inevitably leaves pieces and residue on the glass.  Contra Vision produce a Performance range which comes off quickly and easily.  The time saved in removal is remarkable and could greatly improve appearance and labour costs when the time comes for removal of the graphic.”

Does One Way Vision Film have a Fire Rating?

“Yes, but make sure you ask for the Performance range which carries fire rating.”  (All the Performance window films have a Class 0 Building regs and Class 1 BS476 pt7).  “When fire rating is imperative, its always worth asking your printer to ensure a cheaper window film is not being used.”

Can it be cleaned?

“Yes, but a certain amount of common sense is needed.  For instance, jet washing and aggressive detergents are not going to be ideal ways to treat your graphics.  Manual cleaning with soap and water would be fine.  Where there is a risk or the use of automatic cleaning, we can laminate your Contra Vision, though this is usually only necessary on vehicle graphics.  Note also that your window film shouldn’t be cleaned within the first few days of installation, this is to allow adhesives to strengthen their bond.”

We’ve got anti-scratch coating on our windows – is it OK to install the film on these?

“No, windows with an additional coating may be damaged when the film is removed.  If you’re unsure, we can try out patches on your windows before production, just to make sure.”

What is Contra Vision HD?

“This is the new product launched by Contra Vision recently.  We’ve been able to print this and we’re very impressed.  Its only available as a 40% version but using more and smaller holes. Whilst there isn’t any difference viewing through the glass, the quality of the printed graphic is amazing and we’ve started to recommend this to our clients as a premium alternative.  It does cost a little more than the standard 40% but where the image quality is paramount, its definitely worth it.”

Let us know if you have any more questions regarding wall and window films.  You can contact us on 01270 625207 or leave a message below.  Jamie is always available to discuss the best solutions for your window or wall graphics, no matter how big or small your project is.  Please get in touch for more information and advice.