Creating One Way Vision Windows with Contra Vision

one way vision cheshireOne way vision windows are a simple, cost effective solution using Contra Vision window film. We are specialists in fitting one-way window film across a variety of project types, large or small.  We’ll help you choose the right window film to suit your requirements, give qualified advice, and offer the very highest print quality and installation standards.

Contra Vision has many different uses.  It’s ability to produce stunning graphics on one side and near invisibility on the other always impresses our customers.  Whether you’re looking to give privacy to an office whilst still giving visibility from within, or require graphic space without affecting incoming light, our Contra Vision experts can help.

one way vision glass cheshireThis simple fitting was carried out for a temporary office environment that required privacy.  A  self adhesive vinyl graphic would have blocked light and eliminated the view.  And with costs very similar for print and installation, Contra Vision was the obvious choice.


How Does Contra Vision Work?

How does Contra Vision workContra Vision uses natural light to perform its trick on the eye.  Holes in the Contra Vision quickly turn glazing into one way vision windows.  The back of the film is usually black and in most cases is fitted to the outside of the windows.  This allows the eye to see “through” the graphic from the inside but will only see the graphic from the outside.  Contra Vision is supplied in many formats including 30%, 40% and 50% of hole versus substrate.  This allows more or less light through, but also affects the image opacity.

The most commonly used film is the 40%, and Contra Vision have recently introduced a 40% HD version which has smaller perforations and gives the graphic unequalled print opacity.  Our Sign & Display manager, Jamie Brelsford, will happily talk you through the options.

one way vision using clear contra visionSo There Are Different Kinds of Contra Vision?

There isn’t one kind suits all.  A 30% may be more effective than a 50% in some circumstances where the graphic is of most importance.  Though there are films that give solutions to different problems.

For instance, this project for a major pharmaceutical company was produced using clear Contra Vision.  And whilst production time is increased, cost of installation was dramatically reduced.

contra vision cheshire

View from walkways

Creating one way vision windows usually means applying the window film to the glass from the outside.  In this case the walkways were too high to access cost effectively so we used clear Contra Vision.  Here we printed the graphic in reverse, backed it up with white ink, then printed a flood coat of black. This enabled us to adhere to the inside of the walkways rather than the outside.

The result allowed vision through the graphic from the walkways but a very visible graphic from below.

Help and Advice from Johnsons Printers

Contra vision in shop windowJohnsons print and install for a range of small and large projects.  Whatever the size of your project, from a small retail window to a complete building wrap, you will receive the very best quality AGFA quality print.  You will be fully supported before and throughout production, and we ensure a safe and professional installation.

Give the team a call or leave a message below, and our sign & display team will offer guidance and advice with your project.