Contra Vision Theatre Posters and Window Graphics

contra vision

We were recently commissioned by two theatres to print and install one-way vision window graphics. Our choice of substrate for both was Contra Vision which offers a superior application and removal process and allows us to print a graphic on one side without restricting light and vision from inside. Contra Vision 40% Campaign was used on both the Globe Theatre in Dunstable and Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth.

Contra Vision has small perforations in its window films to allow light through. This allows us to print a graphic on the outside. Take a look at the image below which shows the inside and the outside of the windows. Its hard to see that anything has been applied and was perfect for both theatre lobby area

contra vision

Contra Vision is Easier to Remove than Other Perforated Films

Johnsons use the original inventors of perforated window films, Contra Vision. This is for a number of reasons which give our clients a far better product installation. In this case both theatres needed a short term graphic and one that didn’t need extra costs for a professional removal of the graphics. The Contra Vision Campaign is used for shorter term projects and like the Contra Vision Performance is easy to remove.

How can we help?

Contra vision window posters

Whether you need posters or a full window covering, Johnsons can design, print and install your Contra Vision graphics. Our account managers have extensive knowledge in the print and fitting of all window and wall vinyls and would be happy to talk through your options and steer you in the right direction.

Call our team on 01270 625207 for a quotation or to discuss how we can help create great graphics.