Johnsons provide a comprehensive office branding service. Working with designers or creating ideas in-house, our experience will help you through from idea to installation.

Kindertons Use Core Values to Enhance Office Space

We worked alongside Kindertons designers to create stunning bespoke wallcoverings across various walls within their offices. Many of the walls included panelling, windows and even a projector screen, so we wrked closely with the designers to ensure the end result worked beautifully.

Accurate Brand Colour Matching

We use the most up to date pre-press technology to ensure colour matching. Our processes can match colours accurately using our 6 colour flatbed and roll to roll wide format printing presses by AGFA.

Our experience in producing successful office branding projects is essential. And Kindertons took advantage of our free site survey to discuss ideas and achieve a successful office branding project.

Projector Screen Included with the Wallpaper

Projector wall with office branding around.

In the training room, the best wall to include the core values was the same wall the projector was used. Here we included a space within the substrate to project images. This needed to be an exact position, so measuring up beforehand was crucial.

Some of the simpler walls included graphics on stairways and in corridors. Here it was important that the wall design wrapped around the corner to ensure longevity.

Protective Covering on all Office Wallpapers

All our wall coverings are laminated with a protective film which gives the wallpaper a durability that domestic wallpaper does not have. This keeps the wall graphic fresh and protects from the usual bumps and scrapes a busy office will have. The coating can also be cleaned down with water and mild detergents without affecting the graphic.