Personalised Beer Mats

Personalised beer mats and beer fonts, printed to you or your brand. We can print in any shape or size and to any design in high quality.

printed beer mat

Printed beer mats by Johnsons of Nantwich.

Our bespoke beer mats are printed on the highest quality board and offer fantastic durability. The quality of the print is controlled by our Agfa Anapurna press which ensures an excellent print reproduction in colour and detail. So, if its a brand project or a home bar, we can offer high quality personalised beer mats at exceptional value.

We print our beer mats on a flat bed, wide format press and each mat is cut to the desired shape. This means you could have different designs and different shapes for each beer mat.

High Quality Beer Mat Printing

Of course, our bespoke, personalised beer mats are suitable for a pub setting, but they are also suitable for a restaurant or any commercial setting. Thats because we choose a high quality smooth board which doesn’t soak up the printed ink and offers excellent durability. This also means the print quality is exceptional and allows us to print in high detail.

How To Order Your Beer Mats

We try and make ordering as easy as possible. You can call our office 01270 625207 or leave a message on the form below. Our team will help you with any queries you may have regarding the design or shape. If you’re a designer we can help you create suitable print ready artwork. Alternatively, we can help you with design and create the personalised beer mats artwork for you.

Give the team a call to discuss your beer mats and we’ll get you on the right track and get a quote over to you based on size, quantity and design.

beer mat printing