The Twist Exhibition Stand versus the traditional Pop-up Stand

The advantages of the Twist Stand.

We’re very often asked what the pro’s and cons are of the Twist Exhibition Stand over the more commonly used 3×3 pop-up.  Both are relatively quick to install and break-down, and perform the task well of displaying graphics and information at any exhibition or event.  And, perhaps more to the point, they are both designed for easy transit.  So which do you choose?

Flexible and Versatile

The biggest advantage of the Twist Stand is that it offers a flexible and versatile modular aspect.  The Twist can be extended in height up to 2.7 metres (standard size being 2 metres) but more impressively, it can extend in width quickly and easily.  Whilst the traditional pop-up stand has a rigid size, the Twist Stand has the ability to be used as a simple 3 panel kit or as a complete exhibition display.

Its flexibility comes from a patented Flexi-panel which enables the stand to ‘twist’ around corners of almost every angle.  This may form a large part of your decision-making as you will have hardware to fit any future exhibition space.  And, as long as design takes into account the possible reconfigurations of the stand, your graphics can be used to suit displays of varying shapes and sizes.

Does it come with lights, transit case and lectern?

Yes. Both the pop up stand and the 3 panel Twist Stand are usually supplied with a transit case.  Spotlights and a lectern top and graphic wrap are part of the bundle offer.  The lectern top and graphic wrap will convert the transit case for both into decent lecterns.  The pop ups lectern/transit case being twice the width of that of the Twist Stand, may add more weight on the stand but is perhaps not as easy to transit.  The Twist Stand’s transit cases are designed to click-fit together to form a larger lectern, and we can also produce a lectern top to fit.

The Twist also incorporates specifically built spotlights.  The posts have in-built plugs and a neat cable-tidy set within the length of the post to take the wires down to the foot of the stand.  The Twists transit case also has a foam infill, designed to house each post, light and graphic to prevent it rattling around during transit.


The Twist is most commonly sold as a 3 panel kit to match the 3×3 pop-up in size, and the Pop-up usually works out a little cheaper in price.  However, the constraints on the fixed size of the pop-up stand might not give you the best ROI in the long term, and considerations of future use needs to be considered.  The pop-up can also be bought as frame and graphics only which may reduce cost further, but may leave you stuck when it comes to moving the stand to and from an exhibition.

Installation of the Twist Stand

Installing the Twist stand is perhaps not as intuitive as installing the pop up. There’s no frame behind it like there is on the pop-up stands and instead relies on mag strips on the back of the graphic to pull your design together.  However this does have the advantage of making it easier to line up your graphics once installed.

Timewise, we think that once you’ve had a bit of practice, you should be taking about 10-15 minutes to install both the pop up and  the Twist Stand, but the Twist is a bit quicker to break down, and the structured transit case ensures you store the graphics correctly, ready for the next time you need it.

Give the team a call on 01270 625207 to discuss the best option for you in more detail or use the form below.  We can supply video and graphics to support you, or we can demonstrate the stand so you can see for yourself how easy they are to install.

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