When hoarding design is first briefed, it’s easy to think you’ll be dealing with a straight row of text and CGI’s. However, you can be creative with printed hoarding design.

You can use additional substrates and films to create very different look and feel to a construction site hoarding. Adding touches of vinyls, metallics and reflective, takes you away from CMYK constraints and whether its shaped hoarding panels, adding gold/silver metallics or simply adding literature holders. Hoarding design can be fun and eye catching.

hoarding printing
Hoarding design by Fluid Ideas, Derby

Johnsons have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and installation of hoarding graphics. We use our experience to help designers and end-users create hoarding that is eye-catching. Our installation teams work with our production teams to help designers to create beautiful and premium hoarding displays that are built to last.

What can be done with hoarding design graphics?

Using computer cut Dibond panels or metallic gold vinyls, built-up text and logo’s or simple literature holders can greatly improve your hoardings appeal and wow factor. Illumination and our recent inclusion of digital messaging on monitors can be a great option where budgets allow, but simple projected flat cut shapes and viewing apertures can make a difference. We are always looking to see how creative we can be when adding hoarding graphics, so why not try us with your ideas? We love a challenge, designing hoarding doesn’t have to be run of the mill.

Built up Acrylic sign
Hoarding design by Fluid Ideas, Derby

How we can help

If you have design ideas or you are an agency or designer, we can help bring your ideas to fruition. Your project will be managed by one of our project managers who will work with designers, production teams and installation teams. We will discuss and survey your site, advise and ensure each stage progresses smoothly and with full support.

Our survey offers designers the chance to see how the land lies. How the hoarding falls and drops away, as well as any obstacles that may obscure an important message. We look after this for you, and will advise on design before the projects goes into production.

If you would like us to meet at site, take measurements and discuss your ideas, please don’t hesitate to call 01270 625207 where we will be able to advise on the best steps forward. Advice on hoarding design is always available.