Variable Data & Images

Personalised print with images can make a big difference to your direct mail campaign. The HP Indigo digital press has been designed to work with variable data and to provide you with maximum flexibility.  We can personalise your print items not only with variable text, but also with variable images and colours. Thus you can tailor each item to its recipient – creating the biggest impact and making each recipient feel special.

Whether you would like to use a few select images within a large mailing, or you require a different image for each individual, our software will create manageable files ready to print in exceptional quality.

Why Use personalised Images within your direct mail?

Tailoring the image to your mailing is as important as personalising name and address.  Whilst most recipients will expect their name to now be on their mail, the chances are that they wouldn’t expect images to be personalised too.  Studies show a greater degree of engagement when images are used, and of course, you’re illustrating something relevant.

Our customers are using different images in a variety of ways, but each is able to present their mailer with imagery that matches the customers taste or preference.  A travel agent uses cruise images for clients who have previously been on cruises, beach images of those who tend to go on beach holidays and strategic city images for the city break clients.  Each offering their own variable data in text and image personalisation.

Our experience creating and printing direct mail has given us the ability to use images in a huge variety of ways.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss in more detail.

Help Designing for Direct Mail

We can help if you need your mailer designing, or you are a designer who needs support. You can always call us before you start a project to see if we can help with ideas.  Likewise, you may want to see samples or discuss practical solutions. See our page on Designing For Direct Mail for more information.

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