Using Variable Data on Packaging

Branded packaging

Personalised Packaging

Our clients include some of the most innovative design and marketing agencies who regularly challenge us with personalised packaging ideas.

Of course, campaigns don’t have to be in vast numbers.  Focussing on fewer numbers of recipients means your spend-per-unit can be increased.  Thus enabling you to tailor the mailing to each individual in a way that it can’t be ignored.  That’s where we hope we can use our experience to help you.

Working with design agencies has given us vast experience in creating some unusual and innovative direct mail projects.

Our printing presses, both standard and large format, will give you a complete solution should you want to go beyond the standard letter.  We can print onto various substrates and offer the ability to be even more creative. So if you’re creating a unique solution we think we can help.

If you have a personalised packaging project we’d like to see if we can help.  Give the team a call on 01270 625207, or use the form below to leave details and we’ll be right back to you.

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