The new Government incentive scheme to encourage diners to eat out in local restaurants, pubs and cafe’s is almost upon us. Starting on August 3rd restauranters can offer a 50% reduction from their menu up to £10. Restaurants can claim their discount back off the government as long as it’s for food and non alcholic drinks consumed on the premises.

We Can Personalise Your Promotion

A very useful download section offers graphics for the scheme. The government have provided free downloadable poster and table talker artwork for those premises that participate. However, there are a few products missing such as leaflets, banners and window stickers.

We can personalise your promotion to suit your restaurant and add more details to a selection of printed promotional products.

Although the government haven’t provided a full range of product artwork, we can convert and personalise into:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Window Graphics
  • Table Talkers
  • External Temporary Signage
  • Banners

If you’re looking for professionally printed posters, table talkers, leaflets, we can help. Although the governments website hasn’t included artwork for everything, we can help you create a buzz in your area and give a personalised approach to the graphics to suit your restaurant.

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The link below provides a bit more information, and also gives you the deal on how to register and make your claim.

Read more about the scheme or register your application to join on the government website.